The Styrofoam a best Insulation Product

Styrofoam insulation is a polymer of polystyrene, cardboard and concrete and it was first invented in America in the year 1940. Its flexibility can be checked when it is picked, it seems very weak and easily breakable because it looks powdery, in fact it is not so as we think, its right composition makes it more strong.

Styrofoam transport/delivery boxes are specially designed to get fitted inside the cardboard boxes having a Styrofoam lid fixed in between. The lid is fixed in inside the casing in such a way as to fully cover the inside products. Alone the Styrofoam is not a durable and reliable product that’s why mostly it is placed inside the cardboard. But one advantage of using the Styrofoam is that, it is reusable.

Styrofoam insulation

The Styrofoam shipping boxes are available in different sizes in the market according to the size of cardboard used for holding this Styrofoam. If you couldn’t find the right sized Styrofoam blocks, so no need to be worry you can also buy the Styrofoam sheets that can be easily cut according to your required insulation size. Color of the Styrofoam is generally white and. But most of the aircraft uses shipping boxes in green color. The Styrofoam cannot be changed into your desired style because the most important thing in Styrofoam is its durability not its color and design.

The Extruded polystyrene is used as an insulation board, which does not allow heat to pass on either side. It keeps the meat, vegetables and fish cool. The Styrofoam comes in circular racks also. Currently the Styrofoam boxes are used for the construction and insulation of houses. Its durability and longevity can be enhanced by pouring concrete into its blocks.

The biggest place for finding Styrofoam is online market, which is the biggest shopping mall of the era. Trading online is the widest business in the world. Internet shopping will add big list of shops and supplier to you. Even it saves much of your money and time on visiting different shopping malls. As there are numerous websites for online shopping so making it more convenient to make any deal even at your home. Another best thing in online shopping is getting more discounts on buying products.


The Styrofoam is best for creating Insulation board at your home. You can never find any fantastic insulation product for keeping your goods warm or cool rather than the Styrofoam. For more info visit or contact us at

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Buy Best Material For Your Home!

Insulation board is a lightweight insulating material with a smooth surface. They have a high compressive strength, moisture insensitive and aren’t rotten. The insulation board is available in two thicknesses. First are insulation board sheets and r-value insulation boards. Caution: The R-value is the insulation of the glass wool plate. This is not the same as the insulation of the whole structure.

Styrofoam cutting


  • Heavy (concrete) floor structures
  • Inverted roof (rooftop)
  • Coating of thermal bridges and exterior basement walls

Why home insulation is important?

If you want to insulate only brick wall or poorly insulated cavity walls. You must choose the Styrofoam insulation, Insulation board and Extruded polystyrene material. Because by using these materials you can decrease about 20% of the heat from your house and save a lot of money. Moreover, a good insulation gives a comfortable home. You can calculate how much you can save by insulating your exterior wall and roofs.


However, there are many more reasons to insulate your exterior:

•        Your house is worth more: By insulating your exterior is your home more energy efficient. This is reflected in the Energy. If you want to sell the house, an energy certificate provides the buyers information regarding energy bill. A better conduction of your hose has a positive effect on the selling price. Also increases an extra room rather than for example a un-insulated storage, the value of your home.

•        Optimal comfort: A loft feels comfortable because the walls feel less cold. In summer, a well-insulated room stays cool longer.

•        Less noise: A well-insulated wall gives less traffic noise.

•        No moisture and mold more: by you outside to insulate properly increases the internal temperature of your walls. As a result, moisture and mold problems are avoided. So a well-insulated house has a positive effect on your health. Make sure to provide adequate ventilation.

•        Save the environment: Insulation reduces energy consumption. You will save (scarce) fuels and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

Panelsystem provides all types of material. This is used for to insulate your home. They provide Styrofoam blocks, Styrofoam cutting material, Extruded polystyrene and Insulation board.

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